Little Mermaid Cookies for a Little Warrior

Annika's Little Mermaid Cookies (4)An incredibly sweet, strong and courageous little 4 year old will be receiving these cookies as my 1st Icing Smiles, Inc. donation!  I feel pretty safe in posting these pics now, because she and her family don’t even know Sinful Decadence exists. But they will soon! I hope that in the very least they will put a smile and her face and give her a little more strength to keep fighting! Annika, these are being sent to you with love and admiration from me and my family!

The Full SetThe five designs in this set.



The entire set that was sent to AnnikaThe entire set that was sent to Annika.

 I got so much joy out of doing these cookies, just for the fact that I was making them to put a smile on the face of a very special little girl warrior.

If you know of someone that could use and Icing Smile or you yourself would like to become a Sugar Angel, please go to to find out more!

*****UPDATE***** Here are some adorable pictures of Annika and her big sister Lily enjoying the cookies!  Melted me heart!

Annika Annika with her cookies unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed


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