Stained Glass Rose Cookie Puzzle

Today my friend Shannon of Cookies by Shannon (check out, like her page, and follow her to see all of her fabulous work) received this cookie puzzle.  She has inspired me and given me loads of encouragement from early on in my cookie journey.  She even sent me my first cookie gift from a fellow cookie artist.  (I can’t even tell you how thrilled I was.)  So needless to say, I wanted to return the love.  I wanted it to be a gift to kinda say thank you, but also wanted it to be on a personal level too.  I knew that roses had a special meaning and connection for her.  So I made this hoping she would know how much I appreciate her support, kindness and friendship.  Thank you Shannon….here’s to many more years of cookie fun!

IMG_3499Feel free to ask any questions or leave me a question.  You can also connect with me on Facebook, Instagram or my website!


Disney’s Miles From Tomorrowland Cookies

So my nephew and little buddy Andrew turned 3 a couple of weeks ago.  He is a huge Miles From Tomorrowland fan.  So when his Mommy asks for cookies, how can you say, “No”.  I made 2 dozen of these cookies, below.

 Miles from Tomorrowland Cookies (2)The whole set Miles from Tomorrowland Cookies (4)MilesMiles from Tomorrowland Cookies (3)Merc
Miles from Tomorrowland Cookies (5)Blodger
Miles from Tomorrowland Cookies (1)Andrew seemed pretty happy with his cookies!  What do you think?  You can always leave me comments/questions here or catch up with me on my website or Facebook.

Stained Glass Rainbow Cookie Puzzle

I have had received so much inspiration, friendship, knowledge and love this past year.  You see, just over a year ago I had a tiny little dream of becoming a cookie artist.  Not a cookie decorator……a cookie artist.  To me, the difference between the two is a cookie decorator makes beautiful cookies that look a lot like other cookies they have liked or gotten inspiration from.  A cookie artist makes gorgeous cookies of their own designs and ideas, that are unlike anyone else’s cookies.  I am just know feeling comfortable enough to call myself a cookie artist.  This wonderful cookie community I dwell in, has given me so many new friends that are beyond helpful, knowledgeable and supportive.

I actually had some free time this summer and I took that opportunity to make some cookie love/gifts for some of those wonderful cookie friends.  This particular Stained Glass Cookie Puzzle was made for my friend Kat of Ibicci (check out her page, like it and follow her fantastic work) in New Zealand.  Even though we are 17 hours apart, we have been able to connect through our many social media lines of communication.  She is such wonderful person that I am honored to call my friend.  So for her I made this cookie puzzle.  It traveled a total of 12 ,631 miles from New Carlisle, IN to Chicago, IL to Tokyo, Japan to Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand then on to Kat!

Stained Glass Dots (1) This whole cookie assembled is 6″ high and 9″ wide.

Stained Glass Dots (2)Separated into 3 pieces…

Stained Glass Dots (3)And once it is fully taken apart.  Push it all back together and you can’t see any of the lines!  More than anything I was thrilled they all made it unbroken!

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Fourth of July Cookies

Here are this year’s Fourth of July cookies.  I’m really happy with how they turned out!  Looking at these, then looking back at last year’s cookies I can see how far I have come and how much I have learned.


I have definitely learned how to better stage and photograph my cookies.  Even if the cookies come out looking horrendous, I can stage them with pretty backgrounds and crop them in ways they will look great.  (Not these….they turned out pretty great!)  I have also learned a lot of different techniques that have improved my piping, the way I decorate and the way I can get the icing to perform.  


I wouldn’t have learned any of this without the wonderful cookie artists that I share this wonderful cookie community with, and a little trial and error.  I’m finding myself dreaming up different designs and techniques all of the time.  Heck, I will see a design on a hand towel while I’m out shopping and think, “I need to cookie that!”  Does that make me crazy……NO!!!!  It makes me in love with what I’m doing!  


I want to do more and challenge myself more!  I want to see just how big of an impact I can make just from one cookie!  It’s crazy to watch the statistics on the post of a cookie.  Take for instance this checkered cookie above.  I posted this cookie on Facebook and within 1 day it had over 1700 views, 60 likes and 25 shares (that I know of).  The funny thing about this cookie is that it was a total ‘flop’ cookie.  I had originally iced the cookie white and was going to pipe an intricate firework design on it.  It was my last cookie of the night and I had just finished about 4 dozen before it.  I started to pipe on the design and it just looked awful.  I wiped it off and was left with a red / blue / brown smeared mess.  I almost ate it, but though, “Hey, I can cover this up!  But it has to cover the whole thing to work.”  So I just started piping on alternating dots row by row.  It wasn’t even until about the 4th row that I realized it was making a diagonal pattern.  All of this was by mistake.  But what I guess I’m trying to get across is that now I have this really cool cookie and I taught myself a new technique.  I’m totally going to use that again to make different patterns and designs.  


So now that you have seen all of my pretty 4th of July cookies from this year.  Look at the cookies I made from last year and tell me if you can at least see some difference.

Fourth of July

Thank you for listening to my late night ramblings.  I hope you all have a wonderful, safe and happy 4th of July!  Make sure you leave me a comment,  contact me through my website or facebook if you have any questions or suggestions!