Bring on the Sunshine (Video Tutorial)

That’s right…..More Sunshine cookies and another tutorial.  What can I say, these little guys are popular.Sunshine Cookies (2)

So this is my first video tutorial and while I did an okay job at editing it, it is still a little rough.  I apologize for the bad angles, focus and being zoomed way too far in.  So I promise going forward to to do a little better each time.

My reasoning for doing a video tutorial on another set of sunshine cookies was due to the number of questions I had as to how I did the sunrays.  Some wanted to know how I got the shape of them.  Some wanted to know how I was able to create them with out those dreaded craters that appear during and after the drying process.  And some wanted to know more about the consistency of icing I used.  I hope when you watch this, I am able to answer the questions you had.  But please feel free to leave me a comment or contact me on my website, Facebook or email if you have any other questions or comments!


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