Disney Frozen’s Elsa and Anna

Here is my most challenging, most nerve racking and most rewarding set of cookies I have done.  Disney Frozen’s Elsa and Anna Cookies.  I was excited to take this order to see if I was up to the challenge of creating these characters.  There are so many wonderful and talented cookie artists that have nailed these cookies, and I was nervous that I would not be able to come close to what others have accomplished.  Elsa and Anna are iconic Disney characters….what if my looked closer to Dopey or Grumpy!?

Frozen Cookies (1)

I have to say I was really excited and proud with how they came out.  Above is the beautiful Elsa.  And below is her equally gorgeous sister Anna.

I did a set of 20 of these cookies for a sweet little girl Leryn’s 6th birthday party.  And while I am concerned with how these cookies are perceived by my peers and customers, I was most concerned with how she liked them.

Frozen Cookies (3)Her Dad brought her along when they came to pick them up.  I showed the cookies to her, her faced showed me all I needed to know.  She smiled from ear to ear and seemed to be really excited.  Then this afternoon for her party, her Mom posted the cutest picture of her dressed as Anna holding the cookies looking so happy.

I have said it before, and I will say it again.  My favorite part of making cookies is the way it affects and makes people feel!  Seeing the smile on her face was more than I needed to know I did well!  Thank you Leryn!




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