Sweet and Simple Summertime Cookies

Who’s ready for summer?  I know I sure am!!  Here is a set of some adorable summer beach balls, flip flops and watermelon cookies.  Summer Cookies (1)

These were super easy and so fun to do!  Especially since I didn’t have a watermelon or mini flip flop cutter.

Summer Cookies (2)

I fell in love with the little watermelon slices.  So what do you do when you don’t have a watermelon cutter….you use a scalloped circle cutter and cut the sides off at an angle!
Summer Cookies (3)And what do you do when you don’t have a mini flip flop cutter…..you make one!!

GetAttachmentIt is so easy to do.  I bought a roll of thin aluminum sheeting and printed off a picture in the size and shape I wanted the cutter.  Cut a strip of aluminum the length you need, then fold over about a 1/4″ lip for the top edge.  Next, you will place the bottom edge of the strip down onto the shape you printed and bend/shape the aluminum to match it.  Trim off any excess aluminum from the shape you’ve created.  Finally slide one end of the strip under lip of the other end to attach the ends.  I used a pair of needle nose pliers to pinch the ends and tighten them to avoid sliding apart.

This set of cookies got to go to elementary school today as an end of school year surprise.  One cool Momma surprised her son with them to take to school!  I’m sure he will be a popular boy today!




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