Preschool Graduation Cookies


When your little girl comes home from preschool with a note that says you need to bring a dozen cookies for refreshments after her Preschool graduation, most Mommies would sigh.  Ugh…another thing I need to get done this week!  And yes, I will admit part of me felt this way.  But then I started to get really excited!  Cookies are what I do!  Why not make some cute ones to take to put a special smile on my little girls face!  Part of me wanted to do some cute characters or just something silly.  The other part of me wanted to do some nice classic graduation cookies.  So I left it up to my baby girl….and this is what she chose!

Preschool Graduation Cookies

I was really excited for her to walk in with them to give to her teacher.  She was so proud to bring them in, and that is what made me happy.  I was just proud of her.  Watching my children grow is my absolute favorite thing to do, hands down.  So watching her graduate, even if it was only preschool, brought lots of tears to this Mama’s eyes.  She beamed from on stage as she sang her songs and participated in the program.  Then when her name was called and she got her diploma, then ran to her Mommy.  And let me tell you, she knows how to get me every time.  I was just a little choked up, but then she looks right up and me and says with the sweetest look on her face, “I love you Mommy!”  The waterworks commenced!  Love that little girl!

And can you believe when she went to go get her cookies and juice, not one of these cookies was left!  Her heart was broken.  But not to worry, she and I are going to make our own set of cookies this week just her and I.  I thank the Lord that he blessed me with such a wonderful husband, children, family and the opportunities I have been given.  I get to stay home and watch my children grow everyday and be INVOLVED in their lives!


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