Cookie Hugs

I would like to start out with talking about how wonderful the Cookie Community is and how honored I am to be a part of it.  There are so many great cookie artists and decorators out there.  And for the most part they are so kind, caring, eager to share thoughts, techniques and ideas and just help each other.

I am part of a group called Operation Cookie Hugs.  We are a group of cookie artists that send cookies, gifts, etc to people that are sick, suffered a loss, tragedy or hardship.  Recently, my Aunt was diagnosed with stage 4 small cell aggressive lung, liver, lymph node and abdomen cancer.  I nominated her as a recipient for some Operation Cookie Hug love.  My cookie friends stepped up and are going above and beyond for her.  It is so wonderful to see people who don’t even know each other, other than through an internet connection coming together and caring so much.

I nominated my Aunt not only to lift her spirits and help push her through the long battle of chemotherapy and radiation she has ahead of her. But also because she is such a wonderful, loving and giving woman. She is the mother of two and the grandmother of four. She even basically adopted one of her grandchildren as a baby and has raised her for the last 19 years. I have always known my Aunt to have nothing other than a kind heart, smile on her face, contagious laugh and love in her heart. The love that the Operation Cookie Hugs family is bringing  her, means so much to her and her family. I can see the smile on her face, just thinking of it.

Here are some of the GORGEOUS cookies she has received from Brenda Byrne in the Operations Cookie Hug group.

10452463_10205290510336794_9057877935943911773_n 11214110_10205290510656802_3470233930738695995_n

Here are the cookies I took over and surprised her with:

IMG_3219 IMG_3214

Here are some GORGEOUS cookies sent to her from Judy Crabtree.  Also a member of Operation Cookie Hugs!11053600_10206739909314663_4375057348919254883_oI love that I am part of such an incredible group of wonderful and caring women!  I thank them all for being part of her journey and sending love to her along the way.  I will continue to update this and post more pictures of more of the gifts and cookies she receives as she receives them!


Preschool Graduation Cookies


When your little girl comes home from preschool with a note that says you need to bring a dozen cookies for refreshments after her Preschool graduation, most Mommies would sigh.  Ugh…another thing I need to get done this week!  And yes, I will admit part of me felt this way.  But then I started to get really excited!  Cookies are what I do!  Why not make some cute ones to take to put a special smile on my little girls face!  Part of me wanted to do some cute characters or just something silly.  The other part of me wanted to do some nice classic graduation cookies.  So I left it up to my baby girl….and this is what she chose!

Preschool Graduation Cookies

I was really excited for her to walk in with them to give to her teacher.  She was so proud to bring them in, and that is what made me happy.  I was just proud of her.  Watching my children grow is my absolute favorite thing to do, hands down.  So watching her graduate, even if it was only preschool, brought lots of tears to this Mama’s eyes.  She beamed from on stage as she sang her songs and participated in the program.  Then when her name was called and she got her diploma, then ran to her Mommy.  And let me tell you, she knows how to get me every time.  I was just a little choked up, but then she looks right up and me and says with the sweetest look on her face, “I love you Mommy!”  The waterworks commenced!  Love that little girl!

And can you believe when she went to go get her cookies and juice, not one of these cookies was left!  Her heart was broken.  But not to worry, she and I are going to make our own set of cookies this week just her and I.  I thank the Lord that he blessed me with such a wonderful husband, children, family and the opportunities I have been given.  I get to stay home and watch my children grow everyday and be INVOLVED in their lives!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cookies and Cake

I am a cookie decorator/artist.  I am far from a cake decorator, but I can manage.  Since I have no idea what I am doing with modeling chocolate or fondant, I decorate with cookies!  This is a set of cookies I made for my son’s 2nd birthday party.  I used all of the character cookies to decorate his cake and the #2 and Zachary cookies were for the cake and for party favors.  I was really happy with how all of the cookies came out.


Of course you know Mickey Mouse!


And his lovely leading lady, Minnie Mouse!


His best buddy, Pluto!


His loveable pal, Goofy!


The trouble maker, Donald Duck!


And Donald’s favorite lady, Daisy Duck!


These are the cookies I made for the cake, but also made a bunch of them as party favors!


The whole Gang!

      Mickey cookies on cake (1) Mickey cookies on cake (2)

All in all, I am happy with the cake.  We had terrible hot stormy weather that wreaked havoc with the humidity and my icing.  So I was unable to get a smooth finish to the icing.  But I guess, it made me realize that I just liked how much I really liked having the cookies on the cake.  No one really noticed how bad I thought my icing looked, because they loved the cookies and how I decorated the cake with them!

So keep in mind if you don’t want to pay a fortune for a gorgeous cake, I can always make cake decoration cookies and cake toppers that you can add to any cake!  Make your own cake or order a plain one at your grocery / bakery for less and then decorate it with my cookies!

As always, I love to hear from you and what you think!  Comment below, or check out my website or facebook!