Butterfly Cookie Tutorial


I had received a lot of interest and questions on these cute little butterfly cookies.  So I thought I would show you the process involved in creating them.  They are not terribly difficult, but they are time consuming.


For the icing on these cookies, I used a 10 second flood consistency.  You will start with outlining each wing.  And trust me, none of your outlining needs to be perfect as you are going to be airbrushing and painting the icing.


Next, using the same 10 second flood consistency icing, flood each outlined wing.  Using a toothpick or scribe tool, distribute the icing evenly.


Once you are done with both wings, they should look something like the picture above.


Next select the airbrush colors you would like to use and airbrush either one or more colors on your wings.


Once the airbrush color has dried for about 30 – 45 mins, you can take black piping consistency icing and pipe in the body.  I chose to do little black dots/balls as they were easy and I think turned out cuter than had I done just a solid body.


Now to start with the hand painting.  Please note, I allowed my airbrush colors and black icing to dry overnight before continuing.  When it comes to painting, there are many different types of ‘paint’.  Some use food color gel thinned down with vodka, some use cookie/cake decorating paint.  I just use my airbrush colors and paintbrushes.

So in the picture above, I took a thin liner paintbrush and painted the outline for the areas I wanted to be black.  Notice my lines are far from perfect.  They do not need to be perfect because when you are filling in the lines, you can correct some of that and it also gives the design more character.


Once your outlining is finished, you can fill them in.  I still used a liner brush, but a thicker one that would cover more area but still not be so big that it would go outside the lines or smudge my design.


Here I went back to my smaller, thinner liner brush and painted on some veining on the wings.  I probably could have done more veining, but I wanted these to be beautiful, but still simple at the same time.


Finally, just to give them a little more detail, I took white food color gel and using another thicker liner brush dabbed on some white dots.


 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and were able to take at least one thing away from it.  As well, I hope you were able to get more insight into what a process it is to create beautiful cookies.  Please feel free to comment, ask questions and/or give suggestions.




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