Turtle Cheesecake 2

So I was looking through my blog, and realized I only had two posts about cheesecakes in here.  For that, I am sorry!  Sinful Decadence was started with making cheesecakes!  They are my favorite dessert and I set out to master them shortly after my first child was born.  I had the big dream that I could make it big with my cheesecakes!  That didn’t happen, but I was able to create some wonderful, beautifully and quite honestly, fantastic cheesecakes.  I still custom make them and sell quite a bit of them.  (Just not enough to make me famous!)  You can see the full menu of the cheesecakes that I always offer ‘here‘.  But I am always creating new flavors and taking requests for custom orders.  The cheesecake above is my Turtle Cheesecake.


Chocolate Chip Brownie Cheesecake


The ever so traditional Cherry Cheesecake


And this is my Caramel Heathbar Cheesecake.


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