You are My Sunshine! (Tutorial)


Here is a step by step of how I made these cute and simple My Little Sunshine cookies!


First I took 20 second flood icing and piped on two cute puffy cheeks.


After the cheeks dried for a little over 30 mins in front of a fan, I outlined with 20 second yellow icing.


Next, I flooded with the same 20 second yellow icing.


After allowing the the icing to dry overnight, I was able to start airbrushing.  For the cheeks I used Duff Pink airbrush color.


Finally, I airbrushed the edges with Duff Orange airbrush color to give the sunshine a little more dimension.  And I hand painted on the eyes and mouth with Duff Black airbrush color using a fine liner brush.


The last and most important step…..ENJOY those cookies!

Whether you are going to sell them, gift them or eat them yourself, take pride in your beautiful creation!

Happy Baking!


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