My Little Pony Cookies

My Little Pony (1)
Here are some My Little Pony Cookies I did for an adorable little girl named Alice.  These were for her 3rd birthday.  From what her Mom told me, she loved them so much that she carried them all over the house the day of her party.  Then when it was time to open them, she took a bite out of each one!  The best part of cookie decorating is either hearing how happy they make someone or to see a picture of them enjoying them!

This was the first set I did using tipless bags.  It was a challenge and there are definitely things I would change about them, but I still think they turned out well.  As well, the eyes and beauty marks, I hand painted using airbrush color.

My Little Pony (2)Twilight Sparkle

My Little Pony (3)Pinkie Pie

My Little Pony (4) Fluttershy

My Little Pony (5)Rarity


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