Engagement / Proposal Cookie Boxes

Valentine's Cookie Boxes (2)

This set was created for a gentleman named Brandon.  He originally wanted a set of cookies with hearts and pretty Valentines.  He was going to place the ring inside and ask his girlfriend Danielle to marry him.  When he told me this, my mind immediately went into overdrive.  I suggested a cookie box to hide the ring in.  He loved it and asked for 3 over the top cookie boxes, for the 3 over the top years they have been together.  Needless to say, she was blown away and said, “YES!”

I am so  honored to be a small part of something so huge in their lives.  Being part of peoples lives and seeing the enjoyment they get from the things I create make all of the long hours and late nights so so worth it!


Valentine's Cookie Boxes (4)The Proposal Box

Valentine's Cookie Boxes (5)The Love Box

Valentine's Cookie Boxes (6)The Dainty Box


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