‘Friends are the Flowers in the Garden of Life’


‘Friends are the Flowers in the Garden of Life.’  Up until I did these cookies I always hated how my flower cookies turned out.  I felt like they were just never creative enough.  But once I finished these, I fell in love and have been inspired with more designs and shapes.  The best part is that they taste even better than they look.  This set was ordered for someone’s friend that was having some family health struggles.  It was such a sweet gesture to cheer up her friend and to let her know she was loved.  I feel so fortunate that I get to be a small part of bringing happiness and smiles to others.

Friendship Flowers




Having some fun making adorable cookies!

I’m doing a pop up shop at a Girls Day Out event, the middle of this April.  I have been trying to come up with some cute ideas that people would like and want to buy.  The great part is that I get to make whatever cookies I want to.  You know, the ones that I think are so cute, but haven’t gotten any orders for yet.  So here are a few of what I have come up with.  I’m working on other designs as well.  But what other designs should I go with.  I guess if you were out at an event or even like a Farmers Market and came upon a cookie booth, what kinds of cookies would you find cute and just have to buy?  Leave me some comments and let me know what you think I should make Or I guess just give me a challenge to see what I can create.



Latte Cookies (1)

I cannot get over how cute I think these little Latte cups are.  They are such a cute idea as a Thank You gift for a friend, teacher, etc!  Cutter is available at Whisked Away Cutters.

Mustache Cookie Pops

I ‘mustache’ you a question!  How cute are these?  These mustache cookie pops are a super cute party favor or just a fun treat for little ones.

Flip Flop Cookies

Flip Flops!!!!  I’m just so ready for spring and summer, that I just couldn’t help myself!  Bring on that warm weather!


Turtle Cheesecake 2

So I was looking through my blog, and realized I only had two posts about cheesecakes in here.  For that, I am sorry!  Sinful Decadence was started with making cheesecakes!  They are my favorite dessert and I set out to master them shortly after my first child was born.  I had the big dream that I could make it big with my cheesecakes!  That didn’t happen, but I was able to create some wonderful, beautifully and quite honestly, fantastic cheesecakes.  I still custom make them and sell quite a bit of them.  (Just not enough to make me famous!)  You can see the full menu of the cheesecakes that I always offer ‘here‘.  But I am always creating new flavors and taking requests for custom orders.  The cheesecake above is my Turtle Cheesecake.




Chocolate Chip Brownie Cheesecake


The ever so traditional Cherry Cheesecake


And this is my Caramel Heathbar Cheesecake.

You are My Sunshine! (Tutorial)


Here is a step by step of how I made these cute and simple My Little Sunshine cookies!


First I took 20 second flood icing and piped on two cute puffy cheeks.


After the cheeks dried for a little over 30 mins in front of a fan, I outlined with 20 second yellow icing.


Next, I flooded with the same 20 second yellow icing.


After allowing the the icing to dry overnight, I was able to start airbrushing.  For the cheeks I used Duff Pink airbrush color.


Finally, I airbrushed the edges with Duff Orange airbrush color to give the sunshine a little more dimension.  And I hand painted on the eyes and mouth with Duff Black airbrush color using a fine liner brush.


The last and most important step…..ENJOY those cookies!

Whether you are going to sell them, gift them or eat them yourself, take pride in your beautiful creation!

Happy Baking!



Chicago Bears Football Cookies

Chicago Bears Cookies (1)If you are not a Chicago Bears Fan….look away now!  This was the second set of cookies for a little boy named Chase.  These were made for his birthday party at home.  I sure hope he loved them, because they were so fun to make!  Really happy with how these turned out!



Chicago Bears Cookies (2) Chicago Bears Football Helmet

Chicago Bears Cookies (3)I snuck in a surprise #8 cookie with his name on it!  I hope he was surprised!